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Chelsea Drugstore are a band who reformed in 2007 after an earlier nascent line up dissolved when the mercurial and transient natures of youth took hold. Not to mention life getting in the way. Maturity then brought founding members Luke Godwin and Jackson Turner together to give it another shot.

Armed with the life experiences gathered during a long hiatus, the pair began writing material for their debut album, 'What Comes After The Dawn'. Received with fleeting praise, the album suffered ultimately from a lack of self promotion and an inability to tour. The band's second release, 'You Are Golden', a full album launched in July 2014 has fortuitously exceeded their expectations. Garnering the attention and support of Melbourne independent radio station announcers from both 3RRR and 3PBS.

Most notably, Brian Wise (Founder and Contributing Editor of Rhythms Magazine/ 3RRR Presenter for 'Off The Record') who included a track from 'You Are Golden' on a compilation of Australian artists that he handed out to fellow attendees at the 2014 Americana Music Conference in Nashville.

Which brings us to the music. Heartfelt and challenging songs from the life, pen, voice and guitar of Luke Godwin. Polished by the undeniable talent of guitarist - Jackson Turner, drummer - Mike 'KAOS' Glenn and bassist - Ian Bett.

A melting pot of Barnhouse Blues, Country Honkin Rock and Rollin Coastline Folk. Check out the music via the links and enjoy Chelsea Drugstore.


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